My Uber passenger converted me into a Yogi

Andrew Mensah-Twumasi


I’ve coached and work in education for 15+ years. But as a driver, I’m amazed by something or someone every week.

Driving or working itself has been difficult this week. I’ve wanted to ensure I have 2 days off, so working full days and being consistent is something I’ve pushed.

As my working day drew to a close on Friday, I came to the realization that I’ve pretty much achieved everything I set out to in 2017…The initial one was to learn how to trade.

Yesterday I made close to $900 trading, and worked a full day on the road. As I concluded the trade, I had the strength to continue driving for a few more hours.

I say that to say this, consistency is very important. ‘It’ is very important — you and your goals.

Having an imagination is important! It’s a reflection of you. And where he/she is, the outer-self will go…These have been dreams of mine!

The above are not the stories I no wanted to tell, although very important lessons.

A couple weeks ago I took a gentleman from Chiswick to nearby Gatwick, beyond in fact. Not the type of trip I would like to take at that point in the evening (9pm). The reason being is that you may find it difficult getting a trip back. He echoed the same sentiment 😂 But I told him I had a gut feeling I would get a trip back — and I did! I was so glad I took the trip — and the following trips — discussing cooking and the life of a chef with one rider, and society with another.

But with this rider, we ended up talking about psychology and meditation. In between stopping him off to use the toilet, and talking about how London has changed — increasing in size, and providing a lot of unwanted distractions and noise. It’s the reason he moved out to the sticks as he said.

We spoke about that noise. ALWAYS being busy and how it lead him to breaking down. It’s funny, because some of the reasons he left the sticks, is the reason he returned — for peace, quiet, and tranquillity.

He told me a story about how he went for a massage, and explained to the masseuse why he wanted it. She told him -

“You don’t need a massage, you need to meditate”

So that’s what they did.

That was 20ish years ago. And he said “I’ve mediated ever since.”

We went onto discussing psychology, something I have a keen interest in.

I was telling him about my background in sports, and how I would like to use psychology to better understand my team/players.

He said -

“What you said was fascinating! But I have to stop you there … You don’t want to you do Psychology or become a psychologist so you can have a better understanding of your players. You want to become a psychologist so the players or group to have a better understanding of THEMSELVES.”

And it was at that point I said, “Wow”

As experienced as I am — in coaching, education, and life, it ALL MADE SENSE.

From a coach or managers perspective, I understand wanting to know your players better - so you can get the best out of them (on the training ground or 1 to 1 meetings). But them better understanding themselves is the key to everything.

As Edward Art would say -

“Self is the key. Self is within you. It is you!”

At the end of the journey I shared with him my book about my experience as a ride-hailing-app driver for Ub*r, and my story in general.

He said he was so glad he wanted to engage with me.

I too!

On Wednesday I picked up this lovely girl/woman. When she said “Hello”, I immediately felt her presence fill the car. Whereas with some riders, they can just be there.

It was only a 5mins trip, but I was so impactful!

I have these cue cards the my headrest which ask questions. One of them being -

“What is the one thing that has made you smile today?”

She asked me that question…

I said -

“I thought I had made a costly mistake this morning. But after going for a walk, I came home to find out I hadn’t…It was a relief!”

I told her walking gives me great relief at times.

She told me that meditating this morning had made her smile.

I told her that I had never meditated before, and I asked her to tell me about her experiences.

We then went onto talk about Neville Goddard, and Edward Art (Neville Goddard Inspired).

As of today, I’ve meditated twice now.

I’m a yogi!

Have a good weekend!

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